Why do Background Checks?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

There was a murderer in a Florida middle school for 3 years, undetected.

Curtis McRae, a 59-year-old school custodian, never tried to hide that he'd served about 15 years behind bars for killing a liquor store manager in the 1970s in a $100 robbery gone wrong. He wrote it on his school district application.

Under Florida law, McRae should have never been hired, but a recent investigation showed that he had inside help, someone pulling strings for him.

Jacqueline Clervan-Harrell "basically circumvented the process for him to come on board," said Darron Davis, Chief of Human Resources. She was also listed as a reference on his application.

Once discovered, McRae was found to have an extensive record, including the murder charges as well as a rape charge. His extensive criminal history ends with a final arrest in 1999.


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