Shoplifters Want to Clean Up

Monday, August 10, 2009

Shoplifters in Buffalo, New York have a new opportunity to clean up their record. They can now participate in a special rehabilitation program, The Stop Shoplifting Education Program.

Completing the 3 hour class, in conjunction with 25 hours of community service can walk away with no record of their conviction. According to in-house analysis backed up by researchers from the University at Buffalo, those who complete the course are 50 percent less likely to commit another criminal act than those who do not.

In a survey by Retail Industry Leaders Association, 61% of retail business owners reported an increase in shoplifting since the beginning of this year, and a huge 725 have seen an increase in "organized retail crime" — people who steal larger amounts of goods or larger-ticket items to sell for cash.

The economy is a good excuse, people with far less money and jobs available to them are taking matters into their owns hands. Sometimes even getting back at the business they feel are responsible. However, shoplifting is not a victimless crime, something the program emphasizes.

Shoplifting raises the cost of goods substantially, perpetuating the problem further.


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