Back To School: Avoid Simple Mistakes & Keep Your Record Clear

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

As we mentioned last week, bad credit can be a big deal. Not only does it prevent you from getting those much needed loans for school, but when you've finally completed school and graduated, your job opportunities will be slim as a result.

So, it's very important to either not get a credit card or keep yourself to one card only. Credit companies love college students. Most students have a balance of over $3,000 and will graduate with a significant amount of high-interest debt. Watch how much you put on the card and be sure to pay your monthly dues, you'll need a job to help pay the balance!

Don't be enticed to spend any "leftover" money from student loans. The money isn't really leftover. You are already racking up interest you will have to pay back.

Just paying careful attention to the amount of debt you accumulate and of course, paying it back, will yeild postive results for you and your future!


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