Cities Need Background Checks, Too

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The city of Brownsville, TX is under fire by its citizens for mishandling city funds. The move to bring in large concerts has uncovered weaknesses in the cities budget planners including loosely drawn agreements and contracts has led the citizens of Brownsville to question their officials capabilities.

Among their largest concerns are the vendors the city chooses to do business with. Brownsville residents are considering requiring that the city perform background checks on the vendors before awarding contracts.

Not a bad idea. It's not hard to process a background check, and hard earned money it could save far outweighs the cost of such a test. The only lingering questions remain, if it is a large corporate vendor, how does the check get processed? Is the check done on the company itself (something that should be investigated prior to signing any contract) or on the individual who owns the company?


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