Nightclub Workers in China to be DNA Tested

Friday, August 28, 2009

In a strange move nightclub workers are now subject to DNA testing in China. The Chinese government claims the DNA will help recover, identify, and trace victims of crime and kidnapping.

In addition to DNA testing, employees are required to provide fingerprints, photographs and writing samples to ensure employees don't have a criminal background.

"After the DNA collections, those without criminal records will be issued certificates for working in such venues," Long Shijun, deputy director of the local police station said justifying the move. The purpose is to improve surveillance of entertainment venues long considered a hotbed of crimes, he said.

"The records, which greatly help police identify suspects, will be sent directly to the city's comprehensive DNA database, to ensure the records will not be leaked," Long said.

Rightfully so, many are upset by the blatant disregard for privacy rights and the targeting of a specific sector of the population to anticipate crimes they might commit.


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