Drug Testing can Increase Profitability

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It is estimated that there are over 14 million drug users in the United States. 75% are thought to be in the workforce.

Statistically, employees who are frequently absent, who are involved in more work related accidents, those who make more compensation claims, have poor production, or who steal cost more to employ than those who don't. Being a drug users raises the probability of exhibition of all these behaviors.

Drug users cost more to employ.

When compared to employees without a diagnosed substance abuse problem, alcohol abusers are 2 times as likely, drug abusers are 3 times as likely, and alcohol –and-drug abusers are 4 times as likely - - - to be hospitalized for an injury

35% of employees have seen / heard of drug use on their current job.

Implementing a pre-employment drug screening program or a random program if you already have the pre-employment are effective ways to curb drug abuse, to weed out those who are using, and to discourage drug use in the workplace. It will raise your production, and your profitability.


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