Applying for Job? Have Winning References

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rest assured that when you apply for a job, your employment history and references will be checked. The greater the opportunity, the deeper the investigation. A good job at a visible company will scrutinize every detail of your application and history.

Including professional references for jobs such as these is an important part of the applications process. You need to be sure that the references your potential employer contacts will seal the deal for you, not make your case tougher.

Your references should be the highest quality you can provide. Here are some tips to picking and maintaining a good person for your reference,

  • Keep your records up to date. Keeping up to speed with your references job title, phone number and position in the company is important. If you provide old information, the potential employer WILL find out and it will look like you haven't been in contact with the person for years.
  • Maintain a relationship with your reference, for the same reasons stated above. Also, it will help your reference keep up their opinion of you if you keep in contact. Using sites like LinkedIn can be very useful for this.
  • Advise your reference about important opportunities. You don't want to bother them with every offer that comes your way, but really important opportunities merit a heads up. Let them know what the company is looking for, hopefully it will brighten their reference.


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