Pittsburgh Company Employs Felons for Fundraising

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Outreach Associates, Inc. appears to have violated a twenty-year old law making it unlawful anybody with a criminal history of dishonesty to solicit charitable donations.

Outreach president, Dennis McCarthy commented, "The statute was out there although Outreach operated apparently for decades without anybody saying anything. Ignorance is no excuse."

He went on to explain this his lawyers informed his criminals with offenses older than seven years with non-work related crimes could be employed.

10 employees with criminal backgrounds have been put on suspension. McCarthy pledged a thorough check of the company's 150 employees to determine whether anyone else has a criminal background.

The solicitors are provided their potential donors' home addresses and donation information, including the highest amount they pledged. Those who charge their donations provide the solicitors their credit card numbers.


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