Drug Testing: A New Ball Game

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It is estimated that substance abuse costs the US $276 billion a year
Lewis Maltby believes that drug testing is a waste of money. He claims it's doesn't make the workplace any safer. "The tests have many flaws, including job candidates' ability to clean themselves out."
State laws can vary regarding the legality of drug testing. Maltby says most states allow pre-employment drug screens, but others don't permit a reasonable-suspicion or random post-employment testing unless there has been an accident on the job.
Illicit drug users report that they would be far less likely to work for employers who conduct random drug testing when compared to those who do not use illicit drugs.
- National Survey on Drug Use and Health
Maltby isn't entirely wrong. That's why more companies are looking to hair tests as "cheat-proof" testing options. Hair tests are effective in detecting repetitive, habitual use in employees over a 90-day period of time.
And despite concerns about state regulation, drug testing doesn't appear to be going anywhere. More employers are choosing hair tests, and random drug testing is up to about 12% nationwide. That's up 2% in five years.


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