Employee Records: Keep Them, and Keep Them Organized

Monday, November 16, 2009

Most companies keep some semblance of good, organized employee files. Going above and beyond when it comes to keeping the files up to date and archived is a not often used, but highly recommended practice.

In the event of employee grievances or in the terrifying case that your company becomes subject to a government audit, you'll be happy you took the time to implement a good policy when it comes to archiving these important documents.

Good practice is to create the file no later than the first day of hire. Any documents that are signed by the employee should be stored in that file. Two copies should be made, and provided to the employee. The file cabinet containing the documents should be locked at all times, and any I9 and employment verification documents are to be kept in a separate locked file.

Its a good idea to take a look at your state labor board's website for further descriptions on what type of information should be retained both during the employees tenure and after their termination.


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