Crimes Committed by Criminals

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Each Wednesday, Liberty brings you Crimes Committed by Criminals, a new feature intended to highlight the most important reason to screen for criminals.

Most persons arrested for criminal offenses have prior arrest records, and many have arrest records in more than one state.
(Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Daniel Vincent - 16 bank robberies - 5 years in Federal Prison

Released from federal custody in April 2008, Vincent faces new robbery charges after a car chase ended in a crash outside Lexington, KY.

Lexington's First Federal Bank was robbed at 11:27am on Friday, November 6. The man, dressed in black, implied he had a gun, collected money, and fled the scene in a black SUV exceeding 80mph before crashing. Vincent is being held on first degree robbery charges in Kentucky.

Vincent pled guilty to robbing 16 banks in a 20 month spree in November 2003. He took over $53,000 from the banks.


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