Minnesota Stalling on E-Verify

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Minnesota governer Tim Pawlenty ordered that all state agencies and contracters use the E-Verify system for new employees eighteen months ago. A recent state audit found the use of E-Verify to be loose at best. The governer's own office hasn't screened any new hires since the mandate came down.

No Minnesota state agency has used the federal electronic identity-check system known as E-Verify, according to the office of the Legislative Auditor. All in all over 7,000 workers were hired last year.

The lack of oversight is bureacracy. The state is attempting to work with a vendor to secure a centralized system for screening the new hires. Presumably, they need a specific process.

E-Verify, when used properly is a very effective means to deter illegal immigration at the very source of the problem. The burden of the administration of this extremely effective program falls into the employers lap. Lack of oversight could cause serious problems if a company's program was audited.

Minnesota state agencies will presumably begin using this program, hopefully the stall has given them the time needed to create an excellent oversight program


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