Background Checks Aren't Just for Employers

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just for fun, I thought we'd discuss the online dating industry. So many people utilize sites like and eHarmony to find love, and why shouldn't they? In a a growing world, it can be harder to connect with like-minded individuals. Online opportunites and website are soaring, but with all the profile indroductions and "About Me" sections, how can you be sure somebody is being truthful? How can you trust what you read?

Just like pre-employment background screening, people inflate their dating "resumes." Some say they are single when they are married. Some lie about how much money they make. While a little digging isn't likely to turn up exact truths about a person, it doesn't hurt to investigate somebody before you get serious about them.

The important things to focus on when exploring somebody's background check is to reveal criminal history and marital status. Lots of times, people are not what they want you to see.

Just a warning from Liberty Screening. We take pride in protecting you in your workplace and hope our security precautions can be used as a guide in your private life as well.


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