Virtual Borders

Monday, October 26, 2009

The immigration debate is about to heat up again. As we reported last week, a new bill to be introduced by Rep. Luis Gutierrez will likely stir the pot. But there is one thing that has broad agreement and reception, E-Verify as a virtual border.

As only 10% of the nations borders are considered secure, E-Verify seeks to eliminate the most powerful of paths for illegal immigrants, job security.

Over 8 million employees were entered into the government run program last year, and about 3% of those were denied jobs because they were undocumented workers. If use of the system was made mandatory, it would effectively eliminate the major enticing factor for illegal immigrants by denying them the job opportunities they risked so much for.

E-Verify holds promise as a system that will not only deter illegals from entering the county - they won't be employable without legal status, but as a way to unsettle established illegals. As the program grows and flourishes, it is expected that legal immigration will become more selective, allowing skilled workers more opportunity to gain legal status. It should also allow family members of legal workers the right to immigrate as well.

The implications of the program are great and the broad acceptance bodes well for reform, however, the debate for this season is just getting started. Liberty expects there will be changes in the climate for verifying your works and staying in compliance. Stay tuned...


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