E-Verify Works!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Human resource managers across the county are becoming accustomed to the government's E-Verify program, and they like it. "Really, it only takes maybe two extra minutes to do it," said one.

Some managers feel that the regulations surrounding the program can use some fine tuning. Liberty prides itself on being an expert on E-Verify related matters. Kelly Thames, HR manager for Dunn Roadbuilders in Laurel, MI feels that employers should be able to verify work authorization before hire. (read)

However, such verification could lead to discrimination lawsuits that could cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. The post-hire E-Verify law exists to protect job applicants and authorized workers nationwide. Without that protection, an applicants who had a discrepancy with their alien number, work visa, or social security number would be out of work indefinitely. The post-employment law grants those workers the right to remain employed while they clear up the matter with the Department of Homeland Security or the SSA.

E-Verify targets the employers who knowingly hire illegal workers as a means to deter illegal immigration. Contact Liberty to evaluate your company's requirements.


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