New Law For Sex Offenders

Monday, July 6, 2009

Under current law, young sex offenders do not garner as much attention as older offenders do. Their photos are not currently added to online databases, due in large part to their positive response to intensive rehabilitation therapy efforts.

Tim, 19, sexually abused an 8-year-old girl in Chicago five years ago, and his name was logged onto a state registry for juvenile sex offenders. Tim has been rejected for employment by several companies, including military recruiters. He was also rejected after submitted a college application.

University of Oklahoma psychologist Barbara Bonner says ample evidence suggests treatment works for young sex offenders. Studies have found that 5 to 14 percent of those who receive counseling commit another sexual crime. But a new federal law to be inacted in July 2010 will require states to post juvinelle sex offenders photos on their websites for at least 25 years, making it more difficult for them to function in society.


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