Driver's Ed Instructors Cause Accidents

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Putting aside Iowa law, five cities have opted to continue to employ driver instructors who have been convicted of causing traffic accidents in the past two years. Leaders of the partially school-run and private driver education programs indicate a shortage in teachers as the reason for the disregard.

Harlan Superintendent Bill Decker said, "We're not talking about operating a motor vehicle under the influence or fatality situations. We're really talking about fender-bender situations."

Some violators, however, are habitual offenders. Their driving records could raise a serious question for law makers in Iowa.

It appears a loophole was created when department overseeing the driver education program shifted from the Department of Education to the Department of Transportation. It wasn't until a routine check on a teacher found six convictions in 2007 and 2008.

The state obviously put these standards into law for a reason, why they haven't been enforced is another questions. Driving records may seem like small potatoes, but just like a credit report, they can provide a pretty clear history of judgment and decision. Who would you want teaching the young teenagers in your town to drive?


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