Indiana Senator Earline Rogers revives bill to help those with criminal pasts.

Friday, January 23, 2009

State Sen. Earline Rogers, D-Gary, doesn't think a mistake has to plague someone forever. Rogers has revived a bill that was sponsored in the past by the late Sen. Anita Bowser, a Michigan City Democrat.

The legislation would provide the expungement of criminal records based on particular circumstances, meaning minor criminal charges or victimless crimes could be removed from an individual's criminal record.

The individual would have to apply to the court in which they were sentenced to have the record expunged.

Key to the bill are safeguards that don't allow an individual to have his record wiped clean the day he walks out of prison or gets off probation.

The individual has to wait five years and not have an additional criminal charge pending.

Sen. Rogers believes that because a record follows a person for life, he can have a difficult time gaining employment. And if one can't secure a job to support himself, additional criminal activity is likely to follow. This is a compassionate piece of legislation to help those who have had problems to make something of their lives. 


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